Current Tapping Rod

For various connections
Application:neutral conductor
Marking: green/yellow

    Type Number 517 043


    Current tapping rod - for various connections

    Technical Information

    Current tapping rod suitable for:
    These rods can be installed on live lines to provide long-term power supply to building sites.

    Aluminium or copper conductors:
    Ø 5-15 mm (16 RE-120 RM mm²)

    We recommend our strain-relief bracket for attaching outgoing cables to the pole so as to reduce vertical stress.

    Assembly of current tapping rods:

    • contact-proof construction with a 1 m long insulated rod for safe attachment to lines,
    • phase clamp made of tin-plated aluminium alloy,
    • connection of the rubber-sheated cables with separate clamping of conductor and insulation,
    • cable conductor socket is situated in a threaded housing acc. to protection type IP54,
    • marking:green/yellow.

    Single phase current-tapping:

    • connections for rubber-sheated cables H07RN-F (resp. AD7RN-F) acc. to DIN VDE 0282 part 810 with cross sections 10-25 mm², 4x35 mm²,
    • suitable for separately fused workside distribution boards with max. 100 A and neutral conductor connections,

    Neutral conductor

    Additional Documents:

    Product catalogue "Overhead line technique" pdf

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