Tap-off Clamp

Cross section [mm²]:
Mains: 70-150
Branch: 50-70

    Type number 109 006


    T-type tap-off clamp

    • Advantageous storage due to universal usage with large cross-sectional ranges.
    • Stable contact behaviour, especially on aluminium conductors, due to compensation of creepage by means of spring elements.
    • Pivoting pressure piece in top connector part to secure uniform partitioning of contact pressure, independent from cross sectional proportion of  conductors.
    • Finely serrated connection channels for improved contact.
    • Advantageous division of space with T-branches, especially in house service joints.
    • Also suitable for use as neutral connection clamp.
    • Insulation caps for branch terminals available.

    Technical Information

    Cross section [mm²]:
    Mains: 70-150
    Branch: 50-70

    Connector: Copper alloy
    Screws: Galvanised steel
    Conical spring washers: Galvanised spring steel

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109 006

Tap-off Clamp