Transformer Clamp and Connection Terminal

Cross section [mm²]:
120-240 RM
120-240 SM
150-300 SE

    Type Number 105 027


    Transformer clamps and connection terminals for transformer bushings DT 630 and DT 1000

    • Advantageous storage due to universal usage with large cross-sectional ranges.
    • Best contact transition conditions and good protection against loosening by additional clamping of threaded connection element.
    • Finely serrated connection channel and connection area for improved contact.
    • Suitable for 1-2 Cables.

    Technical Information

    Cross section [mm²]:
    120-240 RM
    120-240 SM
    150-300 SE

    Transformer stud:

    Connector: Copper alloy, tin-plated
    Screws: Galvanised steel
    Conical spring washers: Galvanised spring steel
    Nuts: Galvanised steel

    Additional documents:

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