Al-Schraubverbinder (Reduzierverbinder) mit zentrischer KabelleiterführungAl-Schraubverbinder (Reduzierverbinder) mit zentrischer Kabelleiterführung

Aluminium Screw Connector for Screen Wires of Cables to VDE and TGL Standards

Cross section:
16-50 Cu RM
3-13 each flat 1x 5.2 Al

    Type number 298 108


    Aluminium screw connector for screen wires of cables to VDE and TGL standards (medium voltage)

    Technical Information

    Cross section [mm²]:
    16-50 Cu RM
    3-13 each flat 1x 5.2 Al

    Contact screw: removable shear-head screw
    Connector barrel: with oil-stop, tin-plated

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