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Our Contribution to Environmental Protection

ARCUS feels committed to the social responsibility for environmental protection and safety at work.

Under this aspect, in all planning processes our responsible divisions observe and perform the binding and preventive measures.

Naturally all relevant regulations related to environmental protection and safety at work are adhered to in their full extent.

We understand practiced environmental protection in all divisions of our company as contribution to preservation of natural living conditions, and thus also to securing the continuation of our company.

We preserve resources by using the latest production technology in our company. We understand our waste materials as resources which are almost completely recycled.

In order to reduce CO2-emissions we have built a 200 kW photo-voltaic installation.

To reduce our energy consumption we have installed a heating-chilling ceiling in our new building which is operated through a groundwater heat pump, instead of an air conditioning system.

All company vehicles are marked with the green Fine Particle Sticker.

In this way the integrated environmental protection also contributes to the efficiency of the company.

We also endeavour to apply stringent requirements on quality and environmental awareness on our suppliers.

Basis for this aim are our long-term and confidence-building business relations.