Stationäre und transportable Staberder

Stationary and portable earthing lances


Earthing of high voltage conductors with earthing lances

Earthing and short-circuiting is a major element in a series of safety rules for work on or in the vicinity of electrical installations.
In substations, earthing lances form the short circuit-proof connection between high voltage conductor (bus bar or other types of conductor) and the earthing system.

Benefit from our long-term experience and competence

For more than 30 years we plan, project, and produce stationary and portable earthing lances. Benefit from our long-term experience and competence resulting from successful realisation of a multitude of worldwide earthing lances projects. We provide expert consultation and will work on a customised solution in cooperation with you.

planung projektierung
transportabel oder stationaer

Portable or stationary

Both systems are designed for a maximum short circuit load of 80 kA / 0.5 s and a peak load of 200 kA.
Usually portable earthing lances can be used up to a conductor height of approximately 8 m.
For conductor heights above 8 m, stationary earthing lances apply. These can be used with little effort for conductor heights up to 12 m.

Competent customer and product support

For us, direct customer contact is most important, as it creates trust. For this reason a personal contact partner of our company will be available from the start and will actively support you in planning and realisation.