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ARCUS through the ages

The company ARCUS Schiffmann was founded by Alois Schiffmann in Munich in 1928.
Alois SchiffmannInventiveness, diligence and efforts to meet market conformity helped the ARCUS-Trademark to a victorious career. Since then it is understood to stand for research, development and quality. In the course of history the company several times performed pioneer work on the fields of safety and contact technique, such as:

  • the first range-taking overhead line clamp for copper lines
  • cable connectors for live working in the 1 kV underground cable network
  • the first high voltage live line tester with audible indication for  380 kV nominal voltage
  • the first insulating rod also to be used with precipitation under live conditions
  • earthing and short circuiting devices with restricted guidance for  the highest short circuit rating of the present European power transmission system.




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Customers for these numerous products, sold by millions in Germany and abroad, are utilities,  industry and technical aid organisations. Marketing and sales of  products in Germany and in some European countries is carried out by our own Sales Offices, otherwise by free sales agencies.


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Alois Schiffmann managed the company until his death in 1971. In order to maintain jobs in the company on a long term basis, the last will of the company's founder was to alter the enterprise ARCUS Schiffmann to a limited company whose beneficiary is the Alois Schiffmann - Foundation as public foundation of civil rights with its seat in Munich.







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Company's profits are used in welfare work for elderly people. The Alois Schiffmann–Foundation as supervising company works without self-interest and on a non-profit basis. It attends, however, to sound management and health of the enterprise