To insure good functioning of your voltage detectors and voltage detecting systems, and at the same time your own safety and the one of your colleagues, according to product standards periodic tests have to be carried out in regular intervals.

As manufacturer of voltage detectors and voltage detecting systems we perform fast and economic periodic testing on your detectors.

Following work is included in our periodic testing:

circle closed   Electric and mechanic tests according to product standards

circle closed   Cleaning of detectors

circle closed   Add correct instruction for use

circle closed   Test protocol for each detector

circle closed   Each detector is provided with a sticker showing the date for the next periodic testing

circle closed   Return of detectors

circle closed   Filing of test results for the complete product life time in our company

Wiederholungsprüfungen bei ARCUS SchiffmannRepair

Your detector shows defects?

Our technicians will repair damages on faulty detectors:

circle closed   With competence,

circle closed   reliability,

circle closed   and at fair prices!